• Oct 22, 2021 - 13:35

I am using one of the public domain scores here on Musescore but one of the parts is not downloadable. I thought to just copy and paste it using Musescore but whenever I paste a bar onto the new music, it is automatically changed to 4/4 although I changed the time signature and thought I changed all the settings. Is there somethin I am not knowing to change?


How do you copy/paste if you can't download the score to copy from?

Here on Musescore is misleading, I guess you mean there from musescore.com (as opposed to this site here, musescore.org)

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As mentioned, it’s really hard to tell much from a picture, we really need the score in order to help. But what I can tell is, something is very wrong with the time signature. I’m guessing it isn’t 12/8 at all but just 4/4 doctored to “look like” 12/8.

And as mentioned, the built in parts facility means what you are trying to do here probably isn’t necessary at all.

Copy and paste copies literally - if you had an eighth note in the original, it remains an eighth note, etc. If the time signature in the source and destination are the same, it should look the same. if the time signature in the destination differs from the source, you'll still have eighth notes remaining eighth notes, but now there will be more or fewer of them in each bar. If you were wanting MsueScore to 8change* the durations for you, it can do that in a limited way, using Paste Half/Double Duration in the Edit menu, but it doesn't tend to work for converting 4/4 to 12/8 or vice versa because that would require converting back and forth between regular notes and triplets.

As mentioned, if you continue to have trouble, please attach the scores in question, and describe in more detail what exactly you are trying to do - which notes you are trying to copy, where you are trying to copy them to, how you want them changed in the copy.

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