[SOLVED] Help needed: MIDI exported from Musescore only has one part sound

• Oct 22, 2021 - 18:02

I produce my piano music by first composing in Musescore, then I export a MIDI, which goes into Garageband, and then into a VST of my choice (typically Noire).

The problem here is that although the MIDI sounds perfectly fine in Musescore and in Garageband using the default electric keyboard, the Piano 2 part does not sound the moment I try to have it sound with Noire (Piano 1 sounds fine).

Two workarounds have been attempted and have been met with failure:
1. Merging Piano 1 and Piano 2 into one MIDI, played on the same software instrument. The issue persists; Piano 1 sounds, Piano 2 does not sound.
2. Separating Piano 1 and Piano 2; first producing Piano 1, then Piano 2, in different project files, where only 1 software instrument is sounding at any given point in time. The issue persists; Piano 1 sounds, Piano 2 does not sound.

This is either an issue with Musescore messing up the MIDI export or with the VST I use. Any help is appreciated.

[SOLVED]: A workaround has been achieved. Piano 1 and Piano 2 have been extracted into their own standalone mscz files and then exported into two separate working MIDIs. The conclusion here is likely that the parts function is playing havoc with something in the MIDI. Other than this, I have literally no idea what the hell is happening.

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MIDI is not a sound format, it doesn't have any sound. A MIDI player would interpret the data and add its own sounds.
However, a Midi export from MuseScore should include all parts, at least if none is muted.

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When I insert the MIDI exported from Musescore into my DAW, I am able to choose what instrument I use. In this case, it is my piano VST - Native Instrument's Noire. The problem here is that specific parts of my MIDI (namely Piano 2) does not make sound when I try to play it back using my VST.

I am aware that this may be an issue with my VST or Garageband - I am currently investigating on all fronts.

I'll treat this comment as an archive of my current findings:
- Merging Piano 1 and Piano 2 into one giant piano with 4 staves did the trick! At least I'm getting sound from Piano 1 and Piano 2 at the same time.
- Hypothesis: It may be the parts thing that's messing stuff up. I could try extracting Piano 2 and dumping it into its own completely standalone file, then export from there. The exact whats and whys of this issue are beyond me.

The MIDI file generated seems perfectly fine to me, it has four tracks. The first two tracks contain data on channel 1, presumably one for each staff. Second two tracks contain data on channel two. Nothing you do

So, I would say the place to get answers about why Noire has problems with is a support forum for that program. Maybe it's only listening on channel 1?

BTW, I have heard of programs that ignore the first track of a MIDI file because they will assume it contains only "conductor" info, so you might want to turn any such feature off in Noire. But that presumably isn't the problem here, otherwise it would be the piano 1 RH you don't hear.

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