Restoring Deleted Rests

• Oct 23, 2021 - 23:02

I have deleted some rests in voices 2 and 4 of a score. Is there an easy way to restore them?


Without seeing the score and not knowing whether you wish for only certain rests to be restored, you can try Tools -> Voices -> Exchange Voice 2-4 and then swap them back.

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Is there any way to consolidate the resulting rests into ones of longer duration?


I don't know about the Musescore programming but from my point of view all it would be better if all necessary rests in all voices were always present. They can be made invisible.

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Regroup rhythms also fixes things like the apparent error in the way you notated the rhythm in voice 1 (unless this is perhaps Bulgarian folk music in 2+3+4+3+4/16, that's not going to be readable as is). So in this case, I highly recommend the regroup.

If, however, the goal is to keep the existing notation in one voice while only grouping rests in another, consider also using the Selection Filter to exclude the voice you want to keep, then simply pressing Delete, which replaces everything else with "correct" rests.

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I realise that the rhythm as shown is non-standard but I have introduced beat marker "notches" on the top and bottom line of the tab as a visual guide. I don't like all the tied notes which appear with correct rhythm. Since this is a TAB only score, (therefore probably not of interest to notation users), I hope that this is not confusing but I am aware that I am on shaky ground.

I do just want to regroup rests in voice 4 so your filter selection is very helpful.

(I don't know how MS keeps track of note position in a measure when rests have been deleted as it seems to be a non-trivial calculation.)

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