Horizontal and vertical frames - are they mislabeled or is there some kind of purpose?

• Oct 24, 2021 - 19:31

Shouldn't a box that is horizontal be called a horizontal frame? Why is a horizontal box called a vertical frame?


"Why is a horizontal box called a vertical frame?"
Because you can edit it vertically, from top to bottom.
And for the horizontal frame, because you can edit it horizontally, from left to right.
In other words, you can't edit a vertical frame horizontally, and the horizontal frame vertically :)


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I don't select the wrong type of frame. I just select the frame that I believe is wrongly labeled. If you say it's a horizontal frame (which it clearly isn't, it just can be adjusted horizontally for some unknown reason) then I'll pick the vertical one and wear a mask and gloves for good measure, just in case.

Vertical frames allow vertical spacing adjustments. Horizontal frames allow horizontal spacing adjustments. They even show the arrows of the correct direction in the icons. Take my advice friend, life is too short to waste your time inventing things to complain about.

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I don't classify frames by how they are adjusted. I'm used to seeing frames that are adjustable vertically AND horizontally. Old Windows 3.1 frames could do that. Even MS-DOS boxes were adjustable in both directions. Not complaining, just pointing out the primitiveness of the thing.

I'd put it more simple: a vertical frame allows you to insert new things - empty space, text, graphics, whatever - into your music vertically, exactly as the name suggests. A horizontal frame does the same horizontally, exactly as its name suggests.

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Even in 2021, music is not like plain graphics where anything can exist anywhere on a page. Like text, it is read left to right, top to bottom. So it's important when adding a frame that it be clear whether the intent is to interrupt the flow of reading left to right, or top to bottom. The two are not interchangeable in terms of their effect on music layout. And that is why it is more efficient to have these as separate elements, so you don't need to place it and then specify how you want it to behave. By having them distinct elements, the behavior is clear the moment you add one.

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