Notation signs not understood

• Oct 26, 2021 - 21:16

Dear Sirs,

While write a score, some notation signs came up which was could not be erased. The sign is as attached in the screen shot.

Could you explain how this came ? I do could not figure out how I managed to get it ...

Thanks and kind regards,

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It seems that you've displaced the flags of those 1/8th notes. Select them and press Ctrl+R to reset their position back to the defaults.

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Presumably you selected them then changed the offset in the Inspector, that's the only way I can think. The fact that you somehow managed to do it for multiple notes makes you think you somehow selected them all together, like by right-clicking one and then Select / All Similar Elements, which maybe you accidentally did while trying to left-click or select something else form the right-click menu. Hard to say. Anyhow, it's not normally something that would be easy to do by mistake.

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