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• Oct 26, 2021 - 21:31

I think there are several unnecessary clicks to be performed when the measurements changes more than one time in bar(s). For example: If one have choose the measurement of a 1/4 note and instead wants a 2/4 note, one have to make an extra click. What if it was possible to include a ruler above the bars and do a "click-drag-release" like the attached picture shows? This is a technique from a notation software called Musicator who seems to be out of business. I would have loved to see this function in Musescore because it seems that no-one on today's market can do this.

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You wrote:
If one have choose the measurement of a 1/4 note and instead wants a 2/4 note, one have to make an extra click.

Try this...
Click on the 1/4 note, press 6. Done
Click on the 1/4 note, then click on the half note icon in the toolbar. Done

No dragging required.
Unless... you want it more complicated?

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Thanks for your comment. It should be easy to read that my initial post were built on the user perspective. Not writing code. I do believe that I was very objective when I wrote my post, and I
didn't questioning nor criticising any person.
I must honestly say that I'm surprised being forced to defend my good intentions.

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Normally in MuseScore the most efficient way to do anything is by keyboard. So if the goal is efficiency, your hands would already be there, and pressing 6 (or R) is but a single keystroke - no "extra" hand or click required. On the other hand, moving one's hand to the mouse and then initiating a drag is a lot less efficient than merely pressing a key,

If on the other hand your hands are already on the mouse for whatever reason, simply clicking the half note icon is pretty efficient too. Not as efficient as pressing a key because you do need to move the mouse up to the toolbar, but still, no worse than dragging. It's been suggested that some change duration commands be added to the right-click menu, which would be slightly more efficient than either of those other alternatives. Not sure if that's being looked at or not.

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