Horizontal note spacing issue

• Oct 27, 2021 - 16:28

Sorry for the vague subject line, but I wasn't sure how else to describe my issue.

If you look at the attached document, you will see that the "O" of the first staff line is noticeably to the right of the "O" in the third staff line—and it's not just the "O": it's the lyrics, the note, and the staff text. (I thought this might be because the first staff of a piece is automatically intended, so I created a second staff line to try to work around this, but it has the exact same spacing as the first staff, disproving my theory.) Any idea why it's doing this, or what I can do to make them all line up?

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The key signature is furter to the right already
That is Format > Style > Measure > Clef to key distance, even if that doesn't make much sense, set it to 0.
But still the first note is to far right...
Then there is Format > Style > Measure > Key to time signature distance, setting ot to 0 brings the 1st note further left, but still not fully

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Not sure if I got it in all and if there's an easier way. Maybe one solution could be to decrease the horizontal offset of the key signature and the segment of the first measure of the first staff inside the inspector (btw. also to add a system break to the first frame;) and also adjusting the size of other frames).
Note: I'm using Linux, so I'm not sure if you get the same/a similar result with apple.

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There is a hidden time signature throwing things off in the first measure, creating more space than in the other measures. It's not "invisible" in the sense of having been hidden by pressing "V", but rather, because time signatures are turned off in the staff properties. There's not a good reason for it still taking room, but two fixes:

1) select it (eg, click the key signature, then Alt+Right and disable autoplace for it by clicking "="


2) re-enable time signatures for the staff, then click it and make it invisible "normally" with "V"

These produce more or less the same result, which is almost but not quite everything you need. The clefs are also throwing things off a bit even though they are invisible. Here, it does work to go to staff/part properties and disable clefs there. This, however, has the effect of messing up the key signature, so you'd need a custom one or a staff type change.

So instead, I propose leaving the clefs alone but instead fixing the settings in Format / Style / Measure, being sure all the different distances (clef-to-key, key-to-time, system-header, system-header-with-time-signature) etc are compatible.

Here's one such version:

Screenshot 2021-10-27 1.25.53 PM.png

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