Voices with different values don't look right.

• Oct 28, 2021 - 08:19

Hello all.

I have a measure with 3 voices. The top note is an 1/8 and the lower 2 notes are 1/4. The program links the tails of the 1/8 note and one of the 1/4 notes. So it looks like the 1/4 note is an 1/8 note. Is this expected behaviour? I'll attach a screenshot.


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I don't see any reason to need more than two voices here. As you say, there is one eighth and two quarters. So unless this is part of a fugue or similar work where each of the three voices needs to be shown independently - and that doesn't seem the be the case - just putting the eighth in voice 1 and the other two in voice 2 seems like it would be the standard notation.

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