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• Nov 10, 2021 - 06:25

I have downloaded Musescore 3.6.2 but cannot find the measure properties link as I need to add a pickup bar. I have an English language version and the word "bar" is used instead of "measure". I go: Add > Bars > but no bar or measure properties tag appears. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Many thanks


So you got the British English settings, there indeed it is Bar Properties. You should see it on right-click onto a bar.
It never was in Add > Bars (or Add > Measure in the American English setting), what makes you thing it should be there?

Also the New Score Wizard does ask for whether you want a pickup measure (or anacrusis).

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Sincere thanks Jojo-Schmitz. I have a Mac and the right-click doesn't work with my machine. As a last resort I tried Control-click with the first bar highlighted, and lo! there was Bar Properties. Problem solved. I'm still working on the finer points of DC, Fine etc, but I now understand how to insert a pickup bar in Musescore. Many thanks again. Other Mac users might find it helpful to try the Control key if the machine doesn't respond to right-ckick.

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BTW: there once was the request to change all "right-click" into "secondary clisc", because that aparently is what it is called on a Mac. But with Windows users being the vast majority and "secondary click" having no meaning to them, nor to Linux users, it was decided to leave it at right-click.

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