Duration notation

• Nov 20, 2021 - 16:44

How do you do the long lines when notated? Because in my piece "The Cave of Darkness", it shows no time signature for the 1st movement.

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That picture is, at least for me, not enough context to know which sort of "long lines" you mean.
But you can hide a time signature and make measures of custom durations as you please (join them / adjust actual duration in properties / use insert mode)

Long lines are not part of standard music notation (well, maybe for a pianola but not for a cello). Nor are bass clefs that have the dots ambiguously spaced apart. Please formulate your questions such that the responders don't need to keep asking you more questions just to figure out your question. If you ask a relevant question you will generally get good advice but if your questions are a chore to figure out then you won't.

As to "my piece" are you referring to an original composition by yourself or to something you are trying to transcribe from Final Fantasy?

you can add a line (shortcut z) and adjust its thickness in the inspector (shortcut F8). not sure if there's a way to streamline because it would be very tedious if you need a lot of them

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