Addition of Unison Lines

• Nov 22, 2021 - 17:51

I'm writing scores using the Berger Monolinear Notation System (for Swiss/Scottish Drumming), and we use a line that Musescore doesn't provide called a "Unison Line". It's written above the measures to indicate when the whole drumline plays (compared to when the lead tip plays). We sometimes call it these lines "Chips" or "Lifts" or "Fortes", but "Unison Lines" are what they're usually known as when score writing. It looks similar to the "Pedal" line, only flipped so that it looks like this ┌─────────┐ instead of this └─────────┘, how difficult would it be to add something like this?

I'm trying to rid myself of Windows, and right now all the Scottish drumming notation software is only available in Windows, so it would save me having to boot up a VM when I want to write music. Thanks. :)


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