Problem with Coda

• Nov 28, 2021 - 13:29

I'm trying to write the score for a carol with 4 verses. The first 3 verses are followed by a symphony, the last verse by a coda.
I've put a 'DC al Coda' at the end of the symphony, a 'To coda' at the end of the verse and a 'Coda' at the start of the coda, but it insists on playing the symphony every time.
What am I doing wrong? My musical knowledge is not very strong...


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That works for sure. It all makes more sense when you can see it written correctly.
Is there a way to make Musescore play 4 verses and do the Coda after the last? At the moment, it plays 3 verses. It's not that important, but I'm curious.
Thanks for your help.

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