Duette with two tempi

• Jan 1, 2022 - 23:57

I am trying to key in a score from IMSPL of a violin sonata by Michele Mascitti. For the last movement (Allegro), the violin part is marked as in 12/8 and the basso continuo part is marked in 4/4. I assumed that I can do the top line as measures of four triplets 8th notes, but when I try to do this, the tool enters 16th notes. Has anyone managed to do this?

Richard Burris (relative beginner)


Thanks. I tried that (on a Mac, OS Version 12.1) and it changed the time signature on both staves, even with the command key held down. I'm using Version of MuseScore.

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Thanks. Your suggestion did not work, either, but perhaps I can make use of the blank score that you provided.

What's an "under quark"? I thought that quarks have not been decomposed into smaller objects. I suppose that I'm some kind of lepton. Hopefully not a neutrino.

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I think I followed the procedure in the handbook. Holding down the command key, I dragged the 12/8 time signatures to the top staff and the time signature changed on both staves. In many tries, I could not set a local time signature. As the fragment of the original that I included the first time, the violin part is supposed to be 12/8 and the bass line common time C. I will attach my file.

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It's best not to mess with drag & drop, it's slow, imprecise, and error-prone. The better way to add palette symbols is to select where you want them to be added (in this case, select the full measure) then simply click the palette item. Or in this case, Ctrl+click, which I gather is indeed probably Cmd+click on on macOS but best to try both to be sure.

But, if you're talking about the start of the "Allegro", it won't work because the passage isn't empty. You need to set up local time signatures before entering any notes into any staff. You also need to do it before generating parts. So, you'll need to delete the notes from the lower staff first, also remove the parts, then make the change.

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Then I should ask: I have several pages with the first 3 movements. How can I add the blank score containing the required time signature from one mscz into the mscz where I need to use it for the forth movement? I had guessed from the Handbook book that the only way to combine scores from two mscz files was by using the album feature. So how do I accomplish that without the album feature.

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You can't copy time signatures, unfortunately, and copying anything to and from a custom time sugnature section is troublesome. You could make enough blank bars before the custom time signature and then copy the notes from your original score but that would still leave you with a lot of work.

However, I experimented with your posted score and found that I couldn't insert the custom time signature either as it gave me a "bars not empty" message. I then noticed that there were slight oddities in the score such as the first bar's 3/4 time signature being lower on the stave than one would expect. I selected everything and reset them to default positions. Now when I tried to enter the custom time signature I didn't get the error message but it still wouldn't "take".

The solution (see attached score and tell us if it's worked) was to delete the Parts and try again. Probably better to do the full score first anyway and then generate the Parts later as there have been a few Parts-relate posts.

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THANK YOU! I followed your suggestion. I deleted the parts. I then deleted the entire allegro section that I had begun entering. I then appended a few measures to the end of my score and entered the time signatures with the cmd-double click on the selected first new measure for each staff and it worked perfectly. I hope I remember this on the rare next time I need to do this.

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