How to remove indentation of first staff?

• Jan 21, 2021 - 17:46

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to remove the indentation of the first (top) staff? It is a new feature, at least to me, for version 3.6.0. Potential follow-up question: how can I have this non-indentation as the default? Thanks in advance.


uncheck Format > Style > Enable indentation on first system

Save a style file from a score in which this is set and then set that as your custom default style in preferences.

Another thought - since mnost types of music do indent by default, I'm assuming you typically write in one of the styles that doesn't. Like, for instance, lead sheets. So, instead of changing the default across all scores of all types, just save a template to your Templates folded,r then you get the indent for scores that should have it (everything else) but not for the scores created from your template.

Starting at the tool bar at the top: Format/Style/Score ... then look for the checkbox in the right pane in the middle and uncheck the "Enable indentation on first system" box.

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I found format/style and score, but nowhere on the score page is there an "enable indentation on first system" prompt on the page that is displayed. This is so frustrating. My score was perfect, and I saved it, but the next time I opened it musescore completely changed it on me. If someone could help I would appreciate it as this is driving me insane.

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Sounds like you might be using an older version of MuseScore that didn’t have this option - the current version definitely has it. But if you’re seeing indent in an older version, it must be that the score you are editing used a different technique like adding a horizontal frame that you could delete. As mentioned, if you attach your score we can understand and assist better.

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If you are saying you believe more measures could have fit on the page, then probably you have a system or page break that is telling MuseScore you don't want more measures than that. Remove the break and MuseScore goes back to its normal mode of fitting as much as it can. if that's not it, then, as mentioned, we'd need you to attach your score to understand and assist better.

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Using OS: macOS 10.16, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

When I disable indentation on first measure, it stays indented.

Ah, figured it out: It was the long instrument names in the 1st system. To shorten long instrument names:
right-click on long instrument name > Staff/Part Properties > Part Properties > Long instrument name: Enter short name.

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