Add guitar tab to existing score

• Jan 15, 2022 - 18:40

I have a score that I've created using rhythmic notation and chord boxes which worked out fine. This song has a guitar lead intro and I would like to add that in tab at the top without affecting what I've already done.

I added some measures ahead of what I've already done, selected them, and I tried using the 'staff/part properties' > 'Change instrument' > 'Strings plucked' > 'Electric guitar tablature' but that changes the entire score to tab, I only want to add some tab to the beginning of the score without changing what's already there. Is this possible to do?


Add a non-linked guitar tab staff; enter music at the top where you want it. Then make user of "hide empty staves", either the style option or the staff properties for that top staff; so it'll auto-hide for the remainder of the score.

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