How to export an audio file with the beat of metronome?

• Jan 16, 2022 - 19:46

Dear masters,

I need to export an audio file with the beat of metronome. I searched in the help files. There was many discussions that all says we need to add an instrument of percussion. Amount these instruments, I can not find a metronome. Is there a simple way just as an option, that when the metronome button is active, we export the audio file that the metronome found is included? Thanks a lot!

Yuan Ning Sun
Montreal Canada


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Thanks Mr. Jojo-Schmitz,

I have seen this thread, there are many titles, and you answered everywhere to return to #154666, I can never find the answer. it makes died circles.

I can not find how can I include metronome sound when exporting to audio.

As someone said there:
As the title says. Even when I have specifically saved a score again after turning on the metronome, the exported mp3 has no metronome click.

Thanks a lot!

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