Append should appear in the contextual menu

• Jan 21, 2022 - 18:55

MuseScore offers Append only in the main menu Add>Frames, where it also offers Append options.
The contextual menu only shows Insert options; it has no Append options.
(If I hear that this is by design I'm going to have to jump out the window!)

In short, I'm requesting that the contextual menu offer both Insert and Append.



Which context menu do you mean? When right-clicking a measure? Append currently doesn't have meaning for a selected measure - appended always goes to the end of the score. So, the main place that would make sense is the context menu for an empty space on the score, not the context menu for any individual measure. But there isn't an Insert option there now, so that probably sin't what you mean. Of course, if there were a command to append after selected measure, that would make sense to add to the context menu for the measure. And that's a common request.

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Hi Marc,

By that logic the Edit>Add menu shouldn't offer Append when the user has a measure selected and then chooses Edit>Add>Measures orEdit>Add>Frames.

And yes, I was referring to the contextual menu that appears when right-clicking a measure.

Marc wrote > > ... to append after selected measure [is] a common request.

I'm glad that's noted. Append after selection would be a big logical improvement.

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Main menus aren't supposed to change their contents according to what's selected - well, unless a command is not available at all, in which case it's greyed out. But there are no UI guidelines I am aware of that say you should gray out a command just because it isn't specifically relevant to the selection. If that were the case, we'd have to gray out almost the entire menu every time you select some (saving, printing, etc - none of these are relevant to the selection specifically).

The full contents of the main menu are supposed to stay enabled as much as possible - that's standard UI practice. But a context menu is by definition does indeed change according to the context - and it's supposed to show things relevant to the context.

So, since the current append-to-end-of-score command isn't relevant to the selected measure, so it would be misleading and thus incorrect to have a command like this in that menu. Makes total sense for a new "append after selected measure" command, though. And the "append to end of score" makes total sense for the context menu on an empty part of the page.

"Append after current measure" is a command request. It's more or less functionality identical to the existing "insert before selected measure" if you simply select the next measure, so in most cases it wouldn't matter. But there could arguably be different handling of things like, what happens if you you try adding a new measure between two measures where there is currently a clef, key, or time signature change.

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