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• Feb 26, 2020 - 13:11

I'm fairly new to Musescore and still feeling my way around - please bear with me!

I know about the option to "Copy lyrics to the clipboard" - a great feature but it appears to remove the hyphens that align syllables with notes.

Is it possible to "Copy lyrics" and keep all the hypens?


Not currently, at least not to copy them to the clipboard. What is your actual goal, though? If it's just to paste them elsewhere within MuseScore, this isn't the function you want anyhow, just a regular "Copy" does the job. The copy to clipboard is intended for copying to an external program (eg, a word processor), or perhaps a text frame within MuseScore, where you normally wouldn't want the hyphens

I would like to see two options when copying lyrics to the clipboard:

a) copy plain lyrics (no soft hyphens or extra spaces) This is the function we currently have. The result includes whole words instead of hyphenated words.

use case for a): to present lyrics in a paragraph, like a poem—possibly at the end of a song—without needed to type all the lyrics again. Obviously this was wanted, which is why it's built-in.

b) copy lyrics with hyphens and spaces, such that one could immediately paste back in into MuseScore, as if nothing had happened.

Use cases for b): • to easily edit lyrics for a song in a text editor • to transfer lyrics to another scorewriter • to change lyrics slightly for pasting into a different score.

Regarding paste:

I'd like to see an option that quickly pastes lyrics through to the end of the clipboard, without the need to successively press CtrlCmd v or hold v for the same purpose.


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[Some of these concepts] could be expanded into a more general "lyrics editor" where you can edit the lyrics in a window and have it reflect automatically.

Yes, that's would be ideal! Well, MuseScore's lyric entry works so well I wouldn't want that to go away. But the addition of a Lyric Edit window would be a wonderful companion tool, providing all the use cases listed above, and perhaps an avenue that some users would prefer outright.

Do you know if there's an official request for a Lyric Editor window?

Thanks, scorster


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It's been requested ofte, there are probably a number of open issues about it (feel free to search the issue tracker and add +1's to any that seem relevant). But it's also a perennial topic for GSoC and we usually get several proposals for it - just none that have actually made it in yet. Anyhow, it's very much on the radar, not something that really needs more visibility in order to make a higher priority.

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