4/4 time. 2-beat Pickup Measure Needs 2-Beat Final Measure. How?

• Jul 15, 2014 - 13:54

I would expect the system to recognize that the pickup measure (in this case, it's 2-beats) would have a compensating final measure of 2-beats. However, the final measure is a full 4 beats. When I try to change the Actual Measure Duration to 2/4, the system crashes. I suppose I could reset the time signature for just that measure and then reset it back to 4/4 time, as needed. Is that my only option? Thanks!


Are you by chance on a Mac running Mavericks and MuseScore 1.3?
Changing the actual duration is indeed what is needed here and it should not crash (and doesn't for me)

Just reinforcing Jojo's comment that this is unusual behaviour.

I have done this operation hundreds of times in MuseScore without the application crashing so there is something more to this.

Which OS are you using?
Which version of MuseScore?

Can you attach a copy of the file concerned in case there is a corruption causing this behaviour?

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