Programme Crashes after 3 chord symbols added, or 3 additional notes.

• Jan 24, 2022 - 12:13

I have been having problems with the programme stopping and showing 'Not Responding.' This has been happening when adding an instrument to a score, it crashes after inputting just 3 notes. I have just been adding Text ' Chord Symbol' to a piece, and it is crashing after adding 3 chords. I have just checked and added the latest update, and it is running on a desk top with Windows 10, which I have started specifically to do this job. Any suggestions?


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Hi Jojo. Can't work this one out. I've been working with Musescore all afternoon with no problem. I then went back to this score, a Sax arrangement for Harry's Game.
When working previously, I used 'Add Text' and 'Chord Symbol.' I added a symbol and used the space bar to get to the next bar. On the third bar, the programme froze. Today I tried highlighting the individual note on the top line, 'add Text' and 'Chord Symbol' then highlighting the next. on the third note, the programme froze!
I've just tried another score with the same result.
What confuses me more is that I have done the same thing on my laptop.......... No problem!
Any suggestions on what I might have done to this version to upset it? I tried downloading and reinstalling with no change. The laptop says it has the latest version.

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Must be something very odd at my end. I've checked the version which is showing as 3.6.2. I've tried opening and resaving so that it has been saved with the current version. I've reset to factory settings and 'repaired' the version. After the third input... phut! 'Programme not responding!' It works with no problem on the laptop but not on the Tower. The tower is about to go out of the window!

Many thanks for your suggestions, I'll do this one on the laptop.
All the best.

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