Measure Width Problems On Conductors Score

• Jan 27, 2022 - 00:23

Hello! I've searched for an answer for this but nothing I've found has worked so far. I have a conductors score for a piece that is very inconsistent on measure width. I'll post a picture here of a couple of the pages. The first page in the picture has only 3 measures and the second page in this picture has only 1. It's averaging about 4 measures per page, but there are quite a few pages with only 1, 2, or 3. I'd prefer about 6.

I've tried reseting system breaks and reseting layout stretch. What could I try next?

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I just tried that and it didn't make a difference. It looks like, even without selecting all before going to that menu option, it automatically selects all when I select Add/Remove System Breaks.

I'm running Musescore on a Mac if that makes any difference. Version 3.6.2.

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Thank you! That was a big help. I removed all the page breaks and system breaks I could locate in the top left corner of the pages. It's down from 37 page to 15 pages now.

I still have one measure that is stuck filling a page in the middle of the piece. I've deleted every break I can find. Is there any other place I need to check to fix this one page?

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I did find a couple more system breaks that I couldn't see until I zoomed in. So far I am only finding system breaks in the top-right corners of pages, same place that I found page breaks before deleting them. I've inspected the right and left edges of each page while zoomed in and I'm not able to see any more system breaks or page breaks. Down to 13 pages and most of them look great. But I've still got 2 consecutive problem pages in the middle, one with 2 measures and the next page with 1 measure. I attach a screenshot here. Is there anything else that you can see that might be causing this? I do have a double-bar and key change happening at the end of the one measure. Could that have anything to do with it?

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That extremely large space before the 1/8th in your picture indicates that you've likely dragged something way out of place. What that would be is impossible to tell without access to the score.
Check the leading space on them or check for text elements attached to either them or the 1/16ths before that might be dragged away. Try selecting that measure and use reset positions (Ctrl/Cmd+R)

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