Center accidental?

• Jan 30, 2022 - 02:50

Is there a way to precisely center a functioning accidental (i.e. not staff text) above a notehead? With small accidentals, 1.5 for sharp and 1.15 for flat seem close to my eye, but I'd like to be precise.

I'm doing this for marking musica ficta. I'd like to eventually make a plugin that will automate these settings.


I'd start with center alignment on the accidental. This centers it relative to the left edge of the notehead, regardless of the width of the accidental. Then you can set the offset to be half the notehead width. That varies according to duration and font, so unfortunately, still not quite a one-and-done. But more easily automatable.

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I was envisioning adding as text via the Special Characters palette. Perhaps staff text, perhaps fingering and using a custom text style, so you get 90% of the way there without manual adjustment or plugin.

And yes, I assume bbox would be the way to get note width, unless that includes any dots.

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