To Coda between 1st and 2nd time bars

• May 15, 2022 - 10:38

I'm working on a quartet score which has a repeated section with a first and 2nd time bar and which then goes to a DC al Coda. After the DC I want to go to the Coda after the 1st time bar of the repeated section but I can't find a way to place the To Coda instruction to make the playback do this. So I'd be grateful to know how/where I place a To Code instruction between a first and 2nd time bar.



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Not elegant but much less easily misunderstood as normally the second time volta would be taken on the DC unless you add an instruction to play the repeat on the DC. But as you don't want the repeat to be played, the player would be left in some sort of limbo. Repeating the 1st time volta in the Coda is certainly the best way to go to avoid questions or worse, playing the wrong thing. Rehearsal time is more valuable than ink and paper.

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I absolutely understand what you're saying and agree completely. I should perhaps explain my situation.

I play in a saxophone quartet and the four of us live around 10 miles apart from each other. I do most of the music for us including, as in this case, a bit of arranging. When I do an arrangement I email the other three the score and an MP3 of it so I need the MP3 to play as per the score.

When it comes to the printed music it doesn't really matter because we just agree how we're going to play it and our repertoire is littered with parts with more written notes on them than dots!

So I needed this score to pay back properly so I could send it to them to review before we rehearsed it.

Thanks for your response, always appreciated in this excellent forum.

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