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• May 15, 2022 - 17:30

How do I add three different rests in one measure
(Like the photo I have)

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If you are starting with s whole measure rest in 4/4 or a whole note rest do this

  1. Click on the rest to select it.
  2. Press N to start mote entry
  3. Press 6. This selects half note as the duration.
  4. Press 0. This enters a rest of the currently selected duration and moves entry point to the remaining rest.
  5. Press 5. This selects quarter note as the duration.
  6. Press 0. This does the same as described in step 4.
  7. Press 4. This selects eighth note as the duration.
  8. Press 0. This does the same as described in step 4.
  9. Press C if in treble clef or E in bass clef to enter the eighth note in the stave as shown in your picture.

To summarize: rests are entered exactly like notes: select duration then enter the rest, working left to right. To enter the rest via keyboard, press 0 (as opposed to a letter name for a note). To enter with mouse, use right-click (as opposed to left-click for a note.

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Odd. I exclusively use the mouse. When I hit the "N" button, right click produces a rest, and left click produces a note. If I select the rest button first, then right click produces a note.

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Indeed, that's deliberate, so you can easily enter both rests and notes regardless of the state of that button. The button really just reverses which button does which. The idea was that eventually right-click might while in note input mode might bring up a context many with other options including changing duration or whatever, but for now, this was a quick and easy way to make rest input simpler for mouse users.

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