Refrain and 3 unique verses

• May 16, 2022 - 22:22

I have a score that starts with a refrain, and has 3 unique verses. It finishes with the refrain. The notes are not the same from verse to verse. My score looks like

Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3

I have figured out how to get to to play, using jumps, Refrain, Verse 1, Refrain, Verse 2, Refrain, Verse 3.

Is there a way to play the refrain only after Verse 3, without placing the refrain again at the end of the score? With a D.S., the app plays the refrain, but then continues on with Verse 1 instead of stopping. I tried putting a Fine in there, and the End bar mark at the end of the refrain. I hoped without filling in the “Continue at” field, it would stop. It doesn’t.


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Actually, I mistakenly added an unnecessary (redundant) repeat barline at the end of verse 3. That repeat barline should get deleted, so that the D.C. al Fine is used (and now necessary) to direct playback to the refrain.
It's better to use the D.C. al Fine as the 'Fine' clearly shows where the end occurs.

If the D.C. al Fine is removed, as you did, then the repeat barline at the end of verse 3 is what directs playback to the refrain. Verse 1 is not played again because volta 1 has already been played. Same for voltas 2 & 3, which have already been played. Therefore, nothing remains to be played after the final refrain.

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The mobile app reflows rather than rescales a score to accommodate different screen formats (and landscape vs portrait etc...). They don't differentiate between a lexical system break (because end of verse or good page turn location) and a logical one (because it distributes better visually on the printed page format).

I wish they would include an "as formatted"/scaled view option; but that is entirely up to them and should be discussed over on that site.

Thank you all for your help. It works as expected now. I think the key was to use the system break instead of the section break.

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