Window Automatically Resizing

• May 24, 2022 - 21:08


When I have Musescore open alongside a pdf or Spotify etc. and I try and make changes, the Musescore window keeps changing size. It's infuriating especially when trying to copy music or create leadsheets.


What version of MuseScore, and what OS? There is one specific case I know of where this happens, and that is described in #310485: Status bar forces window width. At least one of the issues linked to that reports it is fixed, but the other is still open. It seems I can reproduce it, kind of, if I make the window so narrow I can barely see the score, and then entering notes will indeed cause it to widen by a few pixels. It then stays that size - still unusably small. But perhaps on other systems this can be reproduced even at "normal" window sizes. A screen recording video where we can how big your windows are when this happens could be useful - best to post to the issue I linked above.

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