View - Synthesizer not clickable

• May 27, 2022 - 00:04

Having some issues, have deleted and reinstalled program, in advanced mode, OS Windows 10, sound font was somehow deleted, installed font GeneralUser_GS_1.442-MuseScore as the default font was missing. Need to click on Synthesizer in order to complete the installation, but it is grayed out. Solution?

Also, the play button are grayed out, even after following instructions. Thank you in advance for your help.


Hmm, the default soundfont being missing is a sign that something may have gone terribly wrong in your deleting / reinstalling. Normally I'd never recommend doing that in the first place, but here, I'm afraid probably the best thing is to do that again. GeneralUser_GS is a fine soundfont for what it is - something that tries to find a balance between good-enough sound quality and a relatively small file size - but it lacks many of the instruments and capabilities of the default soundfont, and overall sound quality is not as good (although some people do subjectively prefer it for a few specific instruments).

So, first try Help / Revert to Factory Settings - it's possible this will return the default soundfont if things aren't really as badly messed up as they appear. If that fails, then try the uninstall/reinstall again. And if that fails, now move on to try the other things in the FAQ article mentioned above.

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