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• May 28, 2022 - 16:56

I have a score with one stave per system. I want to re-label that stave as Voice and add two staves of accompaniment, one in treble clef, one in bass clef. So I finish wirh the standard voice on top and 2 staves of piano underneath. When I've done that I wanr to write accompaniment ONLY in the places where the voice is silent and suppress the empty bars where the voice is present. How do i do that?
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If your screen is too small to display the full dialog, or your OS is magnifying everything larger than normal, there are ways of telling your OS not to do this. For instance, in Windows, find the EXE file for MuseScore in Program Files, right-click, Properties. Compatibility, and try different settings for the High DPI settings.

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Yes I changed my system parameters and now I see the buttons at bottom right. Now a further question.
I have used the set sp option to get each system with 3 bars in it but there are only 5 sytems per page and I want more. How do I get that. I tried max inter system distance but that didn't work

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