The flag of a note's stem is overlapping the notehead

• Jun 9, 2022 - 07:51
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S4 - Minor
by design

1) Input a quaver in voice 2.
2) Click on the notehead to select it.

Desired behaviour: the notehead is selected.
Actual behaviour: half the time, I end up selecting the flag of the stem instead of the notehead. And it happens quite randomly even in adjacent stems. You can find attached a picture of my trying to select three quavers. As you can see, two times out of three I ended up selecting the flag.

Suggestion: the easiest way to fix this would be to redesign the flag so that it didn't overlap the notehead. Otherwise it will be a pain in the neck to keep thinking about the issue when selecting notes.

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Frequency Many Once
Status active by design
Reported version 4.x-dev 3.6

Same in 3.6. It is the design of the Leland and Petaluma font. In Bravura and Gonville the flag just touches the head, in Emmentaler and MuseJazz there's a gap between flat and head

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Oh, I see. So changing the font is the only option? Yet in MS 3.6 the problem has never been as apparent to me, and I've helped an amateur local choir to digitize their scores, i.e. I would notice. Two days of using the MS 4 nightly build, and I'm reporting the font issue. Maybe something is different is the way MS 4 handles note selection. But okay, Bravura it is then. Thanks, JoJo.

In MuseScore 4 there's currently an issue woth the proximity of the mouse on selection, that's probably why, that though is in the works and unrelated to the flags overlapping the heads