How do I change note timing default for a Tempo mark?

• Jul 4, 2022 - 20:45

Hi again. Sorry for another post, but MuseScore is such a wonderful program. I want to learn all its features.

I am currently working on a song with 6/8 timing. When I add a tempo mark with the "Add/Tempo" menu, its default is a 1/4 dotted tempo mark of 80. Since my song has 8 notes per measure, what I would prefer is a default tempo mark of 1/8th note at 60. I know I can select a timing mark by dragging a 1/8th note Tempo mark from the Tempo palette, then changing the BPM to 60 manually, one at a time, but is there a way to reset the default, so that whenever I add a tempo mark via the Add menu (or Alt/Shift/T), it drops in an 1/8 note beat of 60 BPM?



No there isn't.

But also, don't drag palette elements unless you want the frustration of not exactly getting them anchored on the right place. It's imho way easier to first click on an element in the score and then simply click on the palette element to have it applied.

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That would be unusual and your readers probably will care, yes.
Is there a reason you're not using the "1/8th = tempo" marking from the palette? Just click the start note, click the marking to add it (don't drag and drop unless you like difficult hotspot aiming).
Double click it to adjust the tempo to your liking.

If you use that specific tempo a lot, you can consider just adding that to your palette too?

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I have to study the manual to learn how to add a custom tempo to the Tempo palette. I will do so.

In the song I'm working on, it is very heavy on Rubato and changes tempo at least 30 times before end of song. Since I write music to be played by the mixer, I have no choice but to place tempo marks (or fermata marks) at every note I need to ... 30 times or more. Manually clicking the note, selecting a 1/8th tempo mark from the palette, double-clicking on it, changing it to read 60, note by note over at least 30 tempo marks, is a bit laborious. Once I learn how to add a custom 1/8 tempo to the palette with 60 BPM already in it, things will be much easier.

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You can Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+drag a score element (such as your modified tempo marking) back into a palette for future re-use; see for more information about that.

Depending on how well defined your rubato is, it could be a bit faster if you can first select all the places that need that specific marking Ctrl/Cmd+click and only then click on your custom palette entry. It'll be applied to all selected elements at once.

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Jeetee: After I selected the "enable Editing" option in the palette menu, I was able to press Ctrl+Shift+drag my 1/8th note = 60 tempo into the tempo palette. I can now use it throughout the score. Thanks. I will also explore use of the plugin.

Default tempo is 120BPM, somewhere near the middle of slow and fast. Not likely to be exactly what you want for most pieces but a decent starting point. MIDI uses BPM and a beat is the length of a quarter note. In 6/8 time this means that there are 80 dotted quarters to the minute so visually you would have 𝅘𝅥.. = 80 but the BPM is still 120. Change the 80 to, for instance, 76 and the BPM will automatically get changed for you to 114 provided that in Inspector the Follow text box is ticked (the default behaviour).

Do you really mean 8 notes per measure? That would involve tuplets in 6/8 time.

You can create a whole palette of 𝅘𝅥.. = xx and set different tempos for each. Create the tempo, set its appearance and rate and [Ctrl][Shift]-drag to a custom palette. You can even create a tempo, set its rate and make it invisible and save it to a palette. Rough idea palette file attached.

Then when it comes to using them, I agree - don't drag. Click on the target note then click on the item in the palette.

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