Musescore 4 Guitar Tab fret number problem

• Aug 16, 2022 - 07:19

When inputting fret 9, nothing happens. If there's an existing note and then 9 is pressed, it will put the note in brackets. Thus, inputting fret 9 will only work if the key "K" is pressed.

Musescore 4.


Well, for me, it doesn't work at all with the Alpha 2. And I feel like I'm going back four years! 😟I have exactly the same behavior as described in this issue (exactly same steps) : #269507: Entering numbers and navigation are broken in TAB staff [AZERTY keyboard]
And GIF:
A Qt update problem (it seems to me, because I have a very bad memory of it...)
This commit had restored the input notes in TABs :…

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Hmm, this is working for me, if I understand correctly. Whether or not there is an existing note at the cursor position, 9 enters fret 9 as expected, just as the other number keys do.

Can someone post a sample score that demonstrates the problem?

Note that the numeric keypad is known to have issues on some systems. This is still being investigated. But I'm not experiencing any problems with the standard number keys. Maybe an issue specific to French AZERTY keyboards?

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