Musescore crashes when adding three linked staves!!!

• Aug 17, 2022 - 14:46

In the "tools" panel - "add linked staff", when I add three linked staffs the application crashes

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I can confirm the crash, using 3.6.2 on Linux. I did the following:

1) Open score
2) Edit / Instruments
3) Select existing staff
4) Press "Add linked staff" button three times
5) OK

But, I would add, there is almost no chance you actually want three linked staves here! My guess is you're misunderstanding what "linked" means. It means, as soon as you enter a note on one staff, it appears automatically on the others as well. This feature basically exists for only one reason: to allow you to have a standard staff and tablature staff for guitar where you enter notes on one and they automatically get reproduced on the other.

I think you want just regular staves here, assuming the goal is to add more notes, rather than see the same notes reproduced three times. Or, more likely, you actually want to add more instruments, since there are essentially no instruments that read from four staves simultaneously. Can you explain your goal in more detail here.

You also don't need all those spacers; most of them aren't really doing anything, nor should they normally be needed, as MuseScore adds more than that much space automatically anyhow. Just add them between movements. If the rest of the spacing isn't what you want, better to modify the settings in Format / Style / Page. if you explain more about what you are trying change about the default spacing (what you'd see if you removed all the spacers), we should be able to show how to get that result simply and more consistently & reliably.

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Thank you so much for the clarification!
I need to make three "linked" sheet music staves. I mean an ensemble of three instruments playing at the same time. Each one plays its own part. Really, I don't need the duplication of notes on the three stanzas. If it's not difficult for you, put the three stanzas in number 16. Thank you!

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Right, then not linked at all, just plain old regular staves. Click add staff instead of add linked staff, and your problems are over. "Linked" doesn't mean "all playing at the same time", it means literally what I said, exactly the same notes on each staff. Any time you sdd a staff, it's always playing at the same time - there is no other way of adding staves.

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It's strange, but when I add just a note taker according to your recommendation, it is added only at the beginning of the piece to the first line. I, on the other hand, need to add two notosers to each existing one. Only where there is a solo. If it is not difficult for you, please add them in number 16 where the solo is. Thank you very much.

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Guessing at what you mean:

When you add a staff, yes, it adds it for the entire score. So, then you add the notes just where you want them, leaving the other measures empty. When done, go to Format / Hide empty staves. Then the empty staves will disappear automatically, only appearing where you added notes.

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(Edited after reading Jojo's posting):

a) Under "Formatting -> Style", uncheck "Hide empty staves within systems".
b) Select "Continuous View" (instead of "Page View"; it's at the top near the Zoom size) - then you will see the added staff in its full length.
Personally, I find it much easier to write music in "Continuous View" - I don't want to think about line breaks and pages while writing. Only when I'm (mostly) done with writing all the voices, I start creating a visually acceptable score in "Page View".

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