Are these chords correct?

• Aug 28, 2022 - 22:18

Hi, I'm trying to write down notes of a melody based on an Iranian pop music.
The melody sounds pretty right to me.
Since I'm not familiar with chords, I need someone to listen to the whole notation and give me feedback on whether the chords have been chosen correctly or not.
I need you to suggest med the correct chord too. If it is possible.
Is there anyone who can help me?
I'll add it here
Best regards

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Sorry, my mistake.
It was the melody without Chords.
But these chords has nothing to do with the original.
The question is if they just "feel" correct or not?
I have seen this video
And I try to add chords based on his theory.
Therefor I need someone with more music experience to tell me if my choices are correct or not?

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There are some inaccuracies in the use of minor and major chords.
for example: eg: Dm chords must be D chords because the Key sign and the melody have F#, and for the same reason the F chord is completely wrong. The A chord can be used, but a little preparation is required.

What is written in harmony should be listened to again and again, and if necessary, various alternatives should be tried by changing the places and changing the chords. Because there are many situations where something that sounds good in theory may not sound very good in practice.

I'm not familiar with Iranian pop music so my chords probably aren't idiomatic. But maybe they will give you a start.

Dm and A aren't in the key signature. Although I rather like the A in measure 10. I changed it but of course you can change it back.

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Thank you bobjp for replying me.
you say "Dm and A aren't in the key signature. Although I rather like the A in measure 10."
How could Dm and A do not be in the key signature, but you rather like A in the 10th measure?
If A is not in the key signature, I do not know, then why do you like A to be in the measure 10?

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Chords that aren't strictly in the key signature can sound good as long as they aren't directly clashing with an adjacent note at the same time. Consider the Dm in measure 11 and how the F natural in the chord clashes with the F# in the melody. Then change the chord to D (major) and see how the harmony becomes a lot stronger and clearer because the notes "agree" with each other.

The A chord in m10 is being played against mostly A's in the melody, so there's nothing for it to "disagree" with, plus it's only one extra step away in the circle of 5ths, so it doesn't sound out-of-place in the key of Em even though it technically falls outside of it.

Likewise Dm is also one extra step away, so it could work (and does work reasonably well in m6) as long as it's placed where the melody allows it.

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