Cut triple time?

• Sep 14, 2022 - 21:54

Musescore 3 offers the possibility of cut triple time signature. Please, anyone knows what this stands for? Thanks


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I'm not sure why cut triple is considered to be 9/8. I'm going by what MuseScore reports when you hover over the time signature in the palette or look at its time signature properties. This has sent me down quite the rabbit hole of searching but still I have not found any references to a cut triple time anywhere else (besides the SMuFL reference, which doesn't provide any information that MuseScore doesn't already have).

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I've seen that little "3" with a line through it, in the time signature palette under "more," and didn't really think that much about it. I'm not sure I've ever seen it in printed (or reproduced) scores, but if I did come across it--in a score by Monteverdi, say, or one of the Couperins--I would assume a rather quick 3/2 time was meant. I would never have thought 9/8. And I would never think of calling 9/8 "Cut triple."

In late Medieval/Renaissance music theory, there was a Prolation--i. e. Time-signature--called "Tempus perfectum prolatio perfectus," which was somewhat comparable to 9/8 time--although 9/2 would be more accurate. It was represented by a circle with a dot in the middle: in MuseScore, the glyph is available in the Master Palette-->Symbol-->Medieval and Renaissance Prolations. It's also an available choice under Time Signature Properties-->Appearance-->Other. (The "C" glyphs we use for 4/4 common time, and 2/2 cut time have their origin in those prolation symbols, and not as abbreviations of "C"ommon and "C"ut, BTW)

But, IMHO, one of Musescore's greatest virtues is the flexibilty it has with time-signatures and measure durations. One can go into the Time Signature Properties, and make that "3" with a line through it have an "actual duration" of 15 sixteenth notes, if that's your fancy.

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