bad eighth/sixteenth note bars autoinserted

• Sep 27, 2022 - 19:10

Working fine then I changed the bars for a three note pattern of individual noteheads to two sixteenths and an eighth with connected bars. Now it extends bars for all eighth/sixteenth notes into the preceding or following eighth/sixteenth rest which often causes the group to extend into note groups in neighboring measures.

Also, I deleted some notes to make them rests and I suddenly got a big vertical gap in the score with a solid black line in it that I cannot delete.

The project started as a piano score .xml import. I copied the treble clef from there and pasted it into a newly created Musescore file with treble clef only.

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I have loaded your score, and I definitely see some strange things going on. Hard to say how much of that was errors in the MusicXML, bug in the MuseScore import, errors in how you did the editing after that, bugs in how MuseScore responded to your edits, etc. If you reimport the MusicXML file, can you reproduce the problem, and give precise steps here, as well as attaching the MusicXML file?

As far as fixing the score as it is, I would start by resetting everything back to defaults - lots of customized settings here messing things up (especially beam and stem settings). So, Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+R, then Format / Style / Reset Beams. Then if there are other things you need help fixing, let us know what exactly.

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Yeah, I was probably expecting too much. I imported a pdf into ScanScore (why is reading music so difficult for programs?) and told it to export MusicXML. Of course as usual ScanScore's scan wasn't so great and I expected to have a fair amount of work to do over in MuseScore. MuseScore always complains up front that the file is not kosher do I really want to proceed. When I looked more closely it turned out ScanScore had created some monster with two pianos, both claiming only treble clef but one of them producing bass clef so I tried adding a piano score and copying everything to it then deleting the ScanScore weirdness. Still was messed up. Not worth figuring out all the issues.

Since then I have created a whole new piano score (attached) and done a cut and paste from the original. It is almost correct but it seems maybe still to have some funny business carryover. I do have two things that could be true bugs. Maybe you know what I'm doing wrong.

I found a workaround for the first. At first when I used the D.S. al coda and the To Coda and coda sign it behaved strangely. The measure after the sign would play twice and then continue without the jump. I finally got it to work by fiddling with the Jump To/Play until stuff but I did have to place the sign one measure before the actual jump departure point. I then dragged it to the correct barline just so it would be right visually. It works correctly but the sign is not at the barline at which I had to create it in order for it to work right.

The other problem I have is a killer so I hope I am doing something wrong and you can tell me how to fix it. When I have it play the music for me it gets to the D.S. al coda and stops for about 3 or 4 seconds before jumping back to the segno near the beginning. At the To Coda jump it works smoothly.

I want MuseScore to play this for me so that I can use it as accompaniment to my violin. I do this all the time but I haven't used D.S. and coda stuff before. It's very frustrating not to have it move directly to the segno especially because there are some lead in notes just before the D.S. al coda.

Any help?

Thanks for all your help with this.

Jim Symon

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