D.S. al coda delay

• Sep 28, 2022 - 20:38

When I have MuseScore play the music for me it gets to the D.S. al coda and stops for about 3 or 4 seconds before jumping back to the segno near the beginning. At the To Coda jump it works smoothly.

I want MuseScore to play this for me so that I can use it as accompaniment. I do this all the time but I haven't used D.S. and coda stuff before. I need it to move directly to the segno especially because there are some lead in notes just before the D.S. al coda.

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Cavatina_piano_D.mscz 15.61 KB


See my previous comments, but realistically,. I'd recommend scrapping this file and starting over. It would almost certainly take many times longer to fix the problems here than to simply enter the music normally.

But for the record, there is no DS al Coda in this score, nor any repeat of any kind.

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