Change fermata size

• Sep 29, 2022 - 11:59

Is it possible to change the size of the fermata graphic? It looks about twice as big as it needs to be on my default score templates, and I can't find anything in the Inspector or Styles to change its size, only its positioning.


The size of the symbol (just as any other musical symbol) is defined by the glyph in the Musical Font. It should be "correct" in relation to other musical symbols from the same font.

If you prefer a smaller symbol, then you could use the following workaround:
1. Mark the current marking invisible (so you still have the playback effect)
2. Add a Staff Text; while in text edit mode, open the special characters window and locate the fermata there. Click on it to have it inserted into the staff text.
3. Adjust font size of the staff text to your liking and position it as desired.

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Thanks, I might try that if I need it.

Looking at other examples, the Musescore fermata seems the same size but the lines are much thicker and heavier, i.e. the black circle is larger and the curved line over the top gets much thicker, it makes the Musescore fermata look bold in comparison to a lot of the rest of the ink on the page.

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It's Leland, which I think is the default? I don't remember ever changing it. I've attached a picture and you can see the Leland fermata is heavier and thicker than the example image on Wikipedia, and most scores I've seen online, it's almost cartoon-like when there are lots on a page. :)

I played with the other fonts and Bravura and Gonville both have smaller fermatas, that might mean I'll prefer the rest of the notation too if it's neater and more compact, will try them.

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