bars with many demisemiquavers drops last bar down to form a new line without a return

• Oct 4, 2022 - 18:39
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set up a SATB block with 4 bars
add many demisemiquavers to a couple of bars and the fourth bar drops down to form a single bar and can't be made to go back.
I re-down loaded musescore but it behaved exactly the same

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Messiah 44. Hallelujah 16 Apr 20.mscz, 33.8 KB


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Score was created with MuseScore 3 4.2, update to 3.6.2

Then tell us at which measure of that score you see a problem, I see none

That score had been last saved with 3.4.2. And shows no problems.
Reinstall almost never solves issues with MuseScore, reverting to factory settings often does

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Yes, it is strange that score was written in and yet the saved file does not show the MS blue circle.
I selected revert to factory settings. Loaded up the 26. all we like sheep and it showed the return arrow above the RHS but when I deleted it nothing changed: the third bar of a 3 bar block has dropped to a new line without a return arrow showing and if I highlight the 2nd bar and press return: nothing happens.
Have you tried writing a bar full of demesemequavers then paste it to another bar and watch the end bar form a new line

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Demisemiquavers take up more space than the equivalent duration of longer notes - that is the way it is with music notation. Therefore, if you replace longer notes with demisemiquavers the length of the measure they are in will increase. If you have 10 cm between your margins and your measures including those with the demisemiquavers would take up 12 cm, then Musescore automatically puts in a soft system break to flow the music onto a new system just like a word processor will do to flow text onto a new line. So, show us what you are trying to do - show us the score with the demisemiquavers where you want them and say where you want system breaks and we may be able to suggest ways to achieve what you want.

Generally, it is better to not add any system breaks until after you have entered all the music.

Maybe your current score has been last saved with 3.6.2, but your attachment, which is a backup score (name/extension ends with a comma, "Messiah 44. Hallelujah 16 Apr 20.mscz,") stems from 3.4.2, so most probably is not the score you're really talking about (also back in April `20 MuseScore 3.6 didn't exist).