The global influence of Loop Playback

• Nov 20, 2022 - 18:10

MuseScore 3.6.2

Never occurred to me that MuseScore's Loop Playback is a global setting (in v3.6.2.) I guess I'd never switched documents with Loop Playback toggled ON.

But today I switched documents after toggling Loop Playback ON, and in all open open scores I saw Loop Playback's blue triangular Loop flags a) surrounding any exisiting selection (notes or measures) or b) surrounding the entire document in scores where no selection existed.*

Sure seems that users would trip on the global session effect when working with multiple windows open.

I have a difficult time imagining or describing a plausible use case in support of a global Loop Playback setting. A score setting makes far more sense to me—then scorist could use Loop Playback and switch to playback selections in other documents without needing to toggle it off.

 * Case b) is rather benign, but suggests that a portion of the Loop code makes it look as if the entire document is selected, when if fact it isn't. Perhaps that was the simplest way to deal with the issue.



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OK, indeed, it's technically possible. But definitely not straightforward, and also desirable most of the time. While I can understand in your special situation you might want to have loop enabled for every score, itś certainly not the norm. But once 4.0 is released and a process is set up for making feature requests, certainly it could suggested for eventual inclusion.

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