When hiding/unhiding instruments, some brackets keep reappearing despite having been deleted,

• Dec 4, 2022 - 15:40

I have several scores where they were, at some point in time, brackets. Brackets that I deleted.
But when I hide or unhide an instrument they reappear. I delete them. Save. Close. Reopen. Then I need to I hide or unhide an instrument and they reappear...
How can I delete those brackets for good ?

See the following example.
There is no bracket. Go to Instruments. Unhide the 2nd Contrabass. And you'll get a bracket between the piano and the 1st Contrabass.

(BTW: this does NOT occur with MS4, but I need to stay on MS3 for now).

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No. I start from "Choose your instruments...".
But I can reproduce it now.
Start a new score by choosing instruments. Add a piano. Remove one of the piano staff. Add a contrabass. Add another instrument (like a flute). And create the score.
The first thing to notice is that there is a bracket between the single piano staff and the contrabass. This is the first issue.
Then, if one delete that bracket, hide the contrabass and unhide it, the bracket comes again.

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I can confirm this too.
Every time you delete the bass stave of a piano, it happens to every (?) instrument that is directly under the piano stave.
The SW assumes that a piano must have a double stave and creates the brackets regardless of whether the bass line is there or not. This is a bug imho.

But does this effect have a big impact on practical operation? Yes, it does happen every time you press "i" and then OK, but when you finish and delete the bracket at the end and then save, the bracket stays gone when you open the score again. You need not to modify the instrument list in any way: for this effect it is enough to press OK only.
The same is true for the connected bar lines.

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