Tab button not working when entering chords

• Dec 27, 2022 - 20:38

In MuseScore 3 (and in other programs), pressing the space bar while entering chords would go to the next note, while pressing tab would go to the next bar. Now, in MuseScore 4, this seems to have no effect. Will this be changing, or is it a bug?

I'm running MuseScore 4 on Mac 12.6.2.


Tab is now reserved for navigating the UI as per various accessibility guidelines, so Ctrl+Right is the new shortcut for navigating measures in chord symbol edit mode (same shortcut as normal mode, so not really a new thing to learn).

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I did see one other report, but in general, it seems to work for most people. I think the person reporting that said it worked to redefine the shortcut to something else.

BTW, I assume you tried Cmd+Right, that's whatIO expect the Mac equivalent would be. Same thing you normally use to navigate words in a text editor.

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With previous versions than 4 instead of moving by one measure it was possible to follow the notes below the chord using Ctrl+Space, this is not working anymore also.
Generally speaking it is globally boring that the shortcuts has been changed, people who use the tool frequently used the keyboard, instead of the mouse.

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Quote : "Generally speaking it is globally boring that the shortcuts has been changed".

I agree with this.
EDIT : It is difficult to distinguish between problems with the operation of shortcuts on certain keyboards and changes to the shortcuts themselves.

A list of the new shortcuts can be found in the V4 handbook (currently being written):

For navigation on chord entry, see:

Hopefully this helps.

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I'm not understanding what you mean "follow the notes below the chord" - can you explain that in more detail? Ctrl+Space while entering chord symbols enters a space within the chord symbol. This has not all from MuseScore 3 to 4. Ctrl+Space while not entering chord symbols is not a default shortcut for anything in any version of MuseScore; it is available for you to define as you please.

The fact that people use the keyboard frequently is precisely why it is important to choose shortcuts that are consistent, intuitive, efficient, and useful. For the most part, MuseScore 3 did a decent job of that, but for the reasons I have explained, a very small number of shortcuts needed to change in order to make thing more consistent, intuitive, efficient, and useful. Blind users in particular rely completely on shortcuts, which is why it is crucial that things like shortcuts work as expected based on user interface standards that exist across many programs, and that they work consistently within MuseScore. Evben if that means fixing a few of the inconsistencies leftover from MsueScore 3.

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