MS4 - Major and relative minor key signatures!?

• Jan 4, 2023 - 10:59

Why major and relative minor key signatures? I could understand if it were for a recognition of the sensitive or altered notes belonging to particular scales but, since it cannot yet be recorded with a midi keyboard, I don't understand its usefulness, unless it serves as an aid to those who do not know the major keys well and the related minors.
Thanks to anyone who can explain it to me.

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I am guessing it's just for convenience. Say a teacher told you to write somthing in E minor - you can just select it without figuring out how it relates to major scales.

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Agreed. It's a reference, Like an index.
As a non professional who has been writing music as a hobby for more than 50 years, I still don't remember certain technical stuff. I'm also more visual. I don't care about knowing how to find the relative minor. Or how many sharps or flats a key has. So I need a graphical interface to get what I need.

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The year I graduated from college with a degree to teach music K-12 was the year that the state I lived in defunded music in public schools. Voters approved a proposition that basically said that music wasn't important. So I never got to use that expensive degree. I know and use what I need to know and use.

I think it’s needed to support playback of Nashville notation for chords, otherwise a 5 chord in a Am/C key would be ambiguous as to whether it’s E or G, makes sense? In fact I was wondering how Nashville playback could possibly work until I learn this feature from your post 😅

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Nashville Numbers notation is ALWAYS in relation to the relative major. There is no such thing as nashville notation in a minor key where 1 designates the root minor chord. If you are playing a song in Am that goes Am, Dm, Am E7 the number chart will say "Key of C, progression is 6m 2m 6m 37".

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Thanks Al Loast for the correction, I was assuming it used grade numbers as in Roman numerals notation for harmony. This also explain why Nashville supports playback while RNA doesn’t. Anyway, sorry for the confusion.
Besides, it would be nice to have a way to set the “tonic” of a section not only for major and minor but whatever greek mode it’s used, so it’s available for plugins.

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