<Solved> Midi Input not working in Musescore 4

• Jan 4, 2023 - 10:17

See below.
I got it to work by disabling pretty much anything that is not "Note On" or "Note Off" coming from my RoLi Seaboard.

Maybe this helps!


I have an external keyboard connected and configured in "Preferences", but I can't get Musescore 4 to play the notes... It doesn't seem to matter, which Sound I choose
The same configuration works perfectly on Musescore 3.

Are there similar bugs known?



I have the same problem with a Roland RP-201. MIDI input seems to be working, though, because the keys light up on the virtual keyboard when I press them on the keyboard. Just output doesn't seem to work.

I can see in preferences my Roland FP-30X but it do not allowing me to choose it and field stays blank , meaning I cannot input any notes or repich using my Keyboard. so definitly new version needs a pach or something

another fix (once you have your device set up in preferences) is to just hit the pencil icon, play a note, this will activate the keys, after you can click the icon off and the keyboard works as designed, some times when you change the voice, you'll need to repeat this

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