MS4 PDF Exports from comand line

• Jan 31, 2023 - 21:33

I've got to work from command line, trying to export excerpts from 20 files (1 PDF per excerpts, 2 excerpts per file, working in a folders tree) but it doesn't work anymore with MS4 (it was working fine with MS3).
JSONArray is constructed with a bash script :
echo '[{"in": "'$1'","out":["'$archives'/'$base'v'$version''$modifetad'.pdf","'$sorties'/'$base'v'$version'-arno.musicxml",["'$sorties'/'$base'_version'$version'_Partie", ".pdf" ]]}]' >> "$base".json
It gives, as an exemple, File.json :
[{"in": "InputFolder/File.mscx","out":["OutputFolder/File_v3.1_20221228.pdf","OutputFolder/File_v3.1-arno.musicxml",["OutputFolder/File_version3.1_Partie_", ".pdf" ]]}]
Exporting musicxml works, exporting score's PDF works, but exporting excerpts' PDF doesn't work.
Can you help me please ?

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