Can't even choose composition for my score

• Feb 7, 2023 - 23:56

So pretty much I tried to upload my score, but in order to do it I need to choose a composition. I try to do it but I can't any compositions. I tried reloading the page and reuploading it, but it won't work. I even tried going on the score itself via my profile and just try adding the composition from there, but that doesn't work, it just doesn't save. I have a screen shot showing what my problem is. Please help me.
Screenshot 2023-02-07 175611.png



Same problem at home

I wrote to support of

They replied that they were passing on the problem to the developers.

So this problem is known.

Copying what I've posted on the other thread:

Same thing happens to me. Opened a support request in but they didn't offer anything useful besides the usual "clean-cookies-use-different-browser", etc, that I'd already done before contacting them. I even tried on different computers, and also by creating a new user account and even then the same problem occurred.

There is still no solution but I've managed to find a workaround by logging in through a TOR session, so this might be connected to the IP. If possible try using a different IP (for example logging in with a mobile using a different network than your usual computer). Or use a VPN or use a TOR browser like I did.

Maybe it's something wrong on their reverse proxies or something like that.

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