IOS Circles app not working. No other notification mechanism found within the MuseScore site.

• Feb 8, 2023 - 09:15

Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum for this issue, but I have nowhere else to turn to.

I currently have no way of receiving notifications, e.g., a reply to a MuseScore issue I have posted. There is no mechanism for this within the Musescore website. I do have the Circles app installed on IOS, and there are notifications waiting for me to read. But it does not work for me, see the following.

When I press on any notification, within the Circles app for IOS, I get
"Malformed data. The data received from the server is not properly formatted. Please try again or contact support if this error persists." There is no Circles support service that I have know of.

I have not found any Circles app for MacOS.


IOS: 16.2
Model: iPhone 12
Circles: 3.11.0

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