• Mar 13, 2023 - 20:55



piuaccorto wrote >>
Allowed it to update mid project:
1) - Crashes when trying to delete extra measures at the end of the score.
2) - Cannot input "______" to show multiple notes for a lyric without it crashing.
3) - Cannot spacebar past a note (even tied ones) when entering lyrics without it crashing.
4) - Crashes any time the shift key is used during lyrics input.
5) - Crashes when toggling between lyrics and note input.

Tested in MacOS Ventura on MacBook Air M2

re 1): I don't know what it means to "delete extra measures at the end of the score." Delete the last measures of a score? If so, no problem here in MS 4.0.2

re 2): No problem entering Melisma underscores.

re 3) space keystroke and shift-space work as expected without incident during Lyric entry.

re 4) No problem with entering capital letters in lyrics

re 5) no problem switching in and out of lyric entry


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