Marching Drums Plugin

• Mar 14, 2023 - 02:19

I was wondering when will the plug-in for Marching Drums will be updated into musecore 4.
I do enjoy using Musescore and I help teach Drum as well as brass to middle schoolers. The thing is that Musescore 4 does NOT have any Marching Drums, such as Marching Snare drum, Marching Tenor drums ( this is the drum with 4-6 tom drums on it, and it has different names as well like Tenor, and Quads). Also, The Marching Bass Drums which can go from 1-6 bass drum players with different pitches with 1 being the highest and the 5th or 6th being the lowest drum tone.

I appreciate the time you took to read this email and would like to see an update plug-in for the marching drums for Musescore 4


There is no specific timetable announced, but it's being worked on.

However, it's not true that there are no marching drums in MsueScore 4. These are present (see the marching band genre in the dropdown list in the instrument selection dialog) and work fine, although they don't use the special MDL samples that were available via an optional extension. It's possible use those MDL sounds if you install the free "sforzando" VST.

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