How do I force a word into the second verse?

• Mar 21, 2023 - 07:21

I want to insert a word under the G quarter note, but only in the second verse. I can't seem to do it. The G is in voice two because it is different from verse one just in this measure. I'd like to get rid of the double stem too. Also, what is the best way to show that this is just a minor deviation. Usually you make the note smaller with the stems going opposite directions from the first verse, right?
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That doesn't work for me. I mean, using return does, to get to the second verse. Thank you for that. I didn't know about it, but when I am in the second verse on the word "cats" and hit the space bar, it goes to the next measure instead of the last 1/4 note of the bar. I think I need to somehow associate the second verse with voice two just for that measure. Can that be done?
I searched the Handbook for "make note small" but I could not find it.

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Hi edurbrow,

I think I have managed to fix this for you.
The solution I used was first to get rid of the text that is there as this is assigned to voice 1 which is why it is skipping past the crotchet G on the fourth beat.
Then, I selected the dotted minim B on the first beat and did "ctrl + l" to create lyrics. For the first verse I just typed as "gripes", but note that this time, "gripes" is assigned to voice 2 (green when selected) as opposed to voice 1 (blue when selected).
Next, I selected the same dotted minim B in voice 2 and again did "ctrl + l" to create lyrics. This appears underneath "gripes" as a second verse but when you type "cats" and press your spacebar, this time the G you asked about adding lyrics to is now able to do so as the lyrics are assigned to voice 2 just as the G is.

Just note that when creating lyrics in the next bar, pressing your spacebar after "that" on the G will take you to the next note that is assigned to voice 2, and not necessarily the next note along. In order to carry on with the lyrics in the next bar, you will have to select the note in question and carry on as before.

Apologies for the long-winded explanation, but I hope that helps.

Kind regards,

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