Making scores from different versions have the same look

• Mar 28, 2023 - 05:28

I have a large number of scores that I created with Musescore 3, using its jazz lead sheet template. I have upgraded to Musescore 4, and scores created with its jazz lead sheet have a different look; e.g., clefs and repeat signs have a different style (font?). Is it possible to make scores created in Musescore 4 have the same look as those created in Musescore 3?


The defaults should be mostly identical already, but maybe you had created your older leadsheets using a custom template or had otherwise customized style settings? If so, you'd want to simply create a similarly customized template/style in MuseScore 4.

But, you mention repeats, and there is one style setting default that does seem to have changed, and that's the distance between the two barlines. Go to Format / Style / Barlines, and click the reset button next to "Thick barline distance".

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Thanks for your reply. I'm not aware of having customized any style settings in Musescore 3, but after some investigation, it appears I might have done so (unintentionally), as my old scores have the symbol and text fonts set as "Leland" (under Style / Score), whereas the jazz lead sheet template in Musescore 4 has them set as "Musejazz" , so now I know how to address this issue, thanks.

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